After Builders

Hire our experienced cleaning builders in Cyprus. Eliminate all the mess left behind by the building contractors after the construction has finished. Yeah, they’ll vacuum the area after it’s done, but not as well as experienced cleaners can do. So, your new property will also need us to clean up 100% of the area. Our cleaning company conducts complete shimmer cleaning by enforcing high levels of work and attention to detail, specifically:

– We have an exclusive squad of after-builder cleaners who are systematic and extremely competent.
– We’re just delivering amazing results; no more no less. We wouldn’t have been in this business if we weren’t able to satisfy our customers.
– We deliver flexible services, consisting of a work plan that includes client needs and expectations and is customized to their financial capability and timetable.

We ensure that we carry out our work to the highest industry expectations. We are a leading business in the industry as we only produce outstanding results by using safe processes and by applying environmentally friendly chemicals or solutions. This is our commitment to our customers.

Our experienced cleaners are professionally licensed, informed and skilled when it comes to health and safety regulations. We ensure you of risk-free cleaning operations as we need our cleaners to wear personal protective equipment during cleaning operations.

As a standard procedure, we’re going to have a team leader for the whole service. He or she is responsible for executing the job plan and ensuring that it continues as planned. When cleaning a house, our supervisors will include a report that provides advice and guidelines for repairs, previous jobs, and camouflaged damages.

We absolutely understand the cost factor when it comes to this type of cleaning, so our cleaning costs are realistic for the customers. By the end of the day, we are incredibly cost-effective and there will be no disappointment with the results.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

If you’re a landlord or a landlord, as the contract comes to an end, you want to make sure that the property meets its final inspection with flying colours when you hand over the keys.

Don’t waste time and resources with inefficient cleaning companies. At Sensus Cleaning Services, our cleaning service in Cyprus for residential and commercial properties is superior in every way – effective, professional, friendly and fresh.

Our firm is well known in the cleaning industry; we have a vast number of clients who are well satisfied with our impressive results. We know by heart the needs and expectations of landlords and tenants when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning.

As a tenant, your deposit is at risk if you leave a property in a bad condition, so employing a reputable cleaning firm with a reputation for excellence and consistently high expectations gives you the peace of mind of ensuring that there can be no nasty surprises when you return the property to your owner.

You should arrange with us to clean as soon as you know the day you’re leaving the property. All you need to do is make sure that all of your personal belongings have been removed before we come – then we’ll do the rest of it.

If you want to move into new properties, we will give you the best possible start to your new home with the same excellent support that our end-of-tenancy customers can expect.

We’re incredibly successful. We’re not only sweeping up areas that you can see – our extensive cleaning program also tackles areas that are hidden from view, ensuring that the property is clean to both the eye and the touch.

Pre/Post Tenancy Cleaning For Landlords

We know that as an owner, your property is also your income, and so our mission is to make sure that you can bring your home or apartment back on the market as soon as possible after your existing tenants have moved away – saving both time and money.

At Sensus Cleaning Services, we believe that it is possible to deliver an outstanding cleaning quality without losing our respect for the environment. Our cleaners are highly skilled and, whenever possible, use environmentally friendly materials that deliver excellent results.

Our cleaning service in Cyprus is customized to your needs. It starts with a full inspection of the property and a simple clean sweep that helps one to assess the damage and, if necessary, make a restoration plan to get the property back to its original condition.

We also provide property maintenance services, whether you are the owner of the property or the tenant.