Curtains Cleaning – Blinds Cleaning. The windows of your house are meant to be fresh and bright. But the dusty, dirty curtains make everything in the room look dingy. Sensus’s range of quality curtain cleaning services makes a difference and helps keep your home warm, healthy, and attractive to you and your family.

You have chosen your curtains for many reasons. To create a warm and elegant home, to keep the winter cold, and to create a quiet sleeping and resting place. Yet over time, dust and grime will build up in the cloth of your curtains. Destroying them and creating a habitat for bacteria and possible allergens that can make the environment in your home unhealthier than you would prefer.

We offer professional deep cleaning facilities to remove accumulated dust, dirt, and bacteria. After that our technicians will take off, clean, and re-hang all styles of curtains. Securely and with minimum disturbance. Above all your home, office, or even shop curtains will be protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Regular curtain cleaning will prolong the life of your investment. In addition, help maintain your home atmosphere hygienic as well as stunning.

Contact Sensus Cleaning Services today to explore the benefits of our advanced curtain cleaning service. To consult with one of our staff contact us.