Rust & limesclae buster

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Is your tap leaking again? The washbasin is rough to the touch and the washtub has lost its lustre? If you are tired of matte surfaces and rusty stains, use our proven method. This thick, active gel tightly covers the surface, brings back its shine and protects it against new residues. Instantly, it removes limescale, water and soap residue, rusty stains. Your bathroom fixtures will be clean and shiny again.

What you can use it for: washtubs, washbasins, taps, showers, toilet bowls, and large surfaces (floors, walls).

What else we took care of: safe closing system

What this lovely scent is: sweet fruity notes with fresh orris and hibiscus notes.

Fragrance architecture

Head note: grape, melon

Heart note: hibiscus, tuberose, cyclamen

Base note: orris, ambergris, musk

Recommended replaceable accessories: practical flip top cap