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Do you know that some items in your house are so fragile that scrubbing can damage their surface? This is why when designing our cream cleaner we drew inspiration from makeup removing lotions. This is why our product not only gently cleans the surface, but also makes it gleam and protects it.

What our secret is: the delicate formula which cleans the surface without damaging it.

What you can clean with it: sanitary fixtures (sinks, washbasins, bathtubs), kitchen appliances, nickel plated, ceramic, and enamelled surfaces, plastic garden furniture, wall tiles.

It removes easily: water and soap residue, limescale, rusty stains, burns and greasy residues.

Recommended replaceable accessories: practical flip top cap


What this lovely scent is: citrus fruit, black olives, lilac, pear blossom and sandalwood.

Fragrance architecture

Head note: bergamot, tangerine, black olive

Heart note: lilac, aloe, pear blossom

Base note: sandalwood, vanilla, musk