When it comes to professional carpet cleaning and maintenance, Sensus Cleaning Services is a trusted name. From removing stains to deodorizing, we meet your needs.

Whether you are at home or in the office, we all know that your carpet is a major investment. When you welcome guests to your home or clients to work. We know that you want them to have a great first impression. Therefore, it is a shame to let the dirt and debris that may accumulate or just plain wear-and-tear. Make your carpet look as beautiful as the day you choose it.

A simple maintenance regime will extend the life of your carpet. The trick to successful carpet maintenance is to avoid the loose dirt and dust particles. Making their way down into the pile that will eventually arise. They can behave abrasively on the fibres of your carpet if they do, which can cause discolouration.

Combined with our powerful cleaning tools, Sensus’ intelligent system ensures that all dirt and bacteria residues are extracted from deep within your carpet, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

When it comes to stains, experience makes a huge difference. Our technicians have worked with hundreds, but whatever the stubborn or difficult-to-remove trouble stain is, we’re going to go the extra mile to deal with it effectively. 

Sensus is experienced in eliminating carpet pollutants which in your home or office can cause unwanted, persistent odours. As we all know, even the most beloved pets can often create unfortunate stains and smell. Our quick and safe micro bacterial removal and sanitizing solutions can help neutralize this and add scent and freshness to your carpets and furnishings with over half of Cyprus households now pet owners.