Car Interior

Bio Car Cleaning. Our company specializes also in the cleaning of your car upholstery. We do it either on your space or on our own, after an appointment booking. The process includes the interior cleaning of your car, the seats, the side doors, the carpets, the dashboard, and also the trunk. Our primary goal is the excellent cleanliness of the interior space of your vehicle as well as its disinfection and cleaning.

During biological cleaning, we do careful and meticulous cleaning. Also, any plastic or leather parts of your car are cleaned.

Furthermore, our company undertakes the biological cleaning of children car seats as well as of children prams.

We take into consideration the fact that your car is an inextricable part of your everyday lives. It’s cleaning, and care in the best possible way is necessary and imperative. This way ensures the cleaning and disinfection of your car without the use of chemical substances.

Additionally, biological cleaning can remove any dirt or bad odors in the interior of your car as well as the trunk area.

Our specialized personnel along with the excellent equipment and machinery we use can offer an excellent result, as long as you trust us!