Bio Mattress Cleaning. We offer a specialized biological cleaning of mattresses. With refreshment and decontamination. In addition, allergen mite feces are removed and the delay of their rapid reappearance is assured. Furthermore, the appearance of polluting microbes, bacteria, and fungi without the use of chemicals is reduced, a method is better known as green decontamination.

1) Internal cleaning

This comprises of internal, ecological, and environmentally friendly cleaning of your mattress without water, chemical substances, radiation, or steam. We use specialized machinery which through pulse vibration and suction, achieve the removal of microbes and other allergen substances from the mattress. In addition, at the same time, it contains special filters that guarantee the containment within the bag of 99,99% of all allergen substances. Included in the interior of your mattresses such as dust mites, fungi seeds, bacteria, microorganisms, dust particles, hair, and dead cell.

2) Ecological cleaning

Our ecological cleaning removes stains from the surface of your mattress by 90%-100%. In addition, such stains include sweat, blood, urine, vomit, oiliness, and many more. Therefore, Ecological cleaning comprises an advanced micro-splitting technology that uses no detergents, soaps, and enzymes.

3) Certified anti-allergic protection

We remove ecologically all dust mites, microbes, and allergen substances. Above all, we can ensure a clean and healthy result that lasts for a long time.

Put an END to insomnia and allergies!
Enjoy your sleep with a clean and healthy mattress without allergies and microbes.