We clean all the furniture in your living room. Our team performs completely biological deep cleaning to all upholstery materials like leather, Alcantara, and suede. 

We do Complete and regular decontamination and revitalization. In addition, while removing, in a depth of 45 cm, the allergen excrements of dust mites.

After that, their removal and the delay of their rapid reappearance is achieved. Along with the decrease of polluting microbes, bacteria, and fungi.

First, we clean the cloth furniture. After that, with biological cleaning, and in the second stage with the safe, cleaning method.

This method offers the following services: removal of stains, keeping humidity and mould away that cause bad odours, and the development of fungi.

In conclusion, we spray and clean with biological products.

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The most dynamic and revolutionary cleaning company in Cyprus offers bio cleaning services, providing outstanding service efficiency, flexibility, and excellent customer service. Our operations and portfolio of customers have continually expanded to include companies in both the private and public sectors. Our domestic cleaning service is an essential part of our success and market share in delivering tailor-made cleaning services to customers across Cyprus and providing outstanding customer care before and after our visit. Trust only the experts in Cleaning Services.