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Cleaning a toilet is not our favourite thing to do. We don’t like the smell of chlorine, either. This is why we’ve developed an efficient solution to clean the toilet fast and make the entire bathroom smell lovely. The gel quick clean formula instantly removes even the toughest stains. Based on modern silicones and natural lactic acid, Toilet cleaning gel leaves the surface perfectly clean and shiny, and the original fragrance composition containing French oils gives off a beautiful, fresh smell.

Our secret: the efficient gel formula works well both in hot and cold water. The thick gel doesn’t trickle down the surface – it covers it up, allowing the active ingredients to do their job. The gel also works below the water level.

What you can use it for: 

toilet bowls, bidets, sinks and ceramic shower bases.

Other things we took care of: it doesnt contain a single drop of  chlorine

What this lovely scent is: juicy fruits, sweet vanilla and coconut.

Fragrance architecture:

Head note: peach, apricot

Heart note: strawberry

Base note: amber, vanilla, coconut