Sink & drain unblocker with a practical flip top cap

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Typically, it all starts with innocent gurgling. Then, the water starts to drain off slowly or it comes up another drain… If you don’t want to know what happens next, you’d better not ignore the warning signs. This thick gel will help you out even if you’re dealing with a serious clog. It unclogs the drain precisely, acting in standing water. It also removes the unpleasant smell that occurs when pipes get blocked.

Other things we took into account: the gel does not corrode steel pipes and rubber seals.

Where you can use it: kitchen sink, siphon, toilet, shower base, bathtub, bathroom and kitchen drain pipes.

What clogs it removes: clogs made of built up grease, coffee grounds and tea leaves, food rests, hair, paper or cotton wool.

What is essential for ladies: you can forget about the plumber and the plunger. The gel acts on its own and it is very hygienic. You can handle a clogged drain on your own, and you don’t need to sweat with the plunger. 

Why it is unscented: to dissuade you from smelling it. Don’t do it, ever, because it’s dangerous.