Perfumed laundry conditioner

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When you hang a new garment in your wardrobe, you’d like it to remain beautiful and soft to the touch as long as possible. You want it to fit perfectly, with no creasing, and always look fresh and smart. And we make your dreams come true! Thanks to the stay-new formula, the conditioner efficiently protects the fabric against the first signs of wear. It prevents your clothes from losing their shape and from pilling. It makes sure the colours of your garments remain bright and beautiful for longer. What is more, it has a lovely scent which we created with the help of French master perfumers. 

What you’ll love about it: long-lasting scent, even up to 8 weeks. The fragrant oils are entrapped in microcapsules that work as tiny diffusers. They do not dissolve in water and open up only when you wear your clothes. With every movement, they release the oils, enveloping you with an intense smell of perfume.

What assures additional safety: the conditioner went through a number of detailed tests, including dermatological tests confirming skin tolerance.

Our secret: our gel is enriched with natural oils.

Other things we took care of: the perfect, concentrated gel formula. 1 litre = 4 litres. That’s the kind of maths we like!

Fabrics you can use it for: the conditioner is suitable for all types of fabric and colours, women’s and men’s clothing.

What this lovely scent is: this fragrance composition is the essence of French chic. It is a harmonious marriage of flowery notes with sweet vanilla and chocolate pralines. Mediterranean accents round it out subtly with a hint of summery, relaxing breeze.

Fragrance architecture:

Head note: pear, blackcurrant

Heart note: orange blossom, orris, jasmine

Base note: vanilla, chocolate pralines, tonka bean, patchouli