Darks gel

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Beautiful, deep black colour has a magnetic power. It attracts admiring glances but also all pieces of fluff and specks of dust. The dust accumulating on the fibres and the hard water residue make black hues lose their intensity, and black fabrics grow pale and dull. To fight this unflattering effect we’ve created a gel which prevents dirt and hard water residue from building up again. It protects colours from washing out, it doesn’t leave pale, ugly smudges or patches and it perfectly enhances the depth and intensity of black colour and other dark hues.

What assures additional safety: the black protect formula.

What you’ll love about it: the concentrated gel formula, which makes it efficient and compact. It doesn’t take much space on the shelf and goes a long way.

What our secret is: thanks to the active enzyme formula, the gel works perfectly even in low temperatures (from 20°C up). And as you know, washing clothes in colder water is better both for your garments, and your budget.

Fabrics you can use it for: the gel is suitable for all types of fabric and for all black and dark colours, women’s and men’s clothing.

What black smells like: we love playing with fragrances so we asked scent designers that work with us to create a composition inspired by the elegance of black. They conquered our hearts with a sensual nocturne which brings together classical rose and lily of the valley notes and warm musk accents.

Fragrance architecture:

Head note: citrus fruit, aldehyde

Heart note: black rose, lily of the valley

Base note:  wood notes, amber, musk