Colour gel

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The art of matching colours can be tough, especially when after several washes your raspberry sweater grows paler and paler, and your orange trousers have lost their vivid hue. To make your clothes look impressive at all times, we designed this gel which protects colours from washing out. It prevents dyes from being transferred from one garment to another, so it protects colours even better. From now on we will take care of the colours of your clothes, so all you need to worry about is pulling off a colourful look.

What you’ll love about it: the concentrated gel formula, which makes it efficient and compact. It doesn’t take much space on the shelf and goes a long way!

What assures additional safety: dye transfer inhibitor.

What our secret is: thanks to the active enzyme formula, the gel works perfectly even in low temperatures (from 20°C up). And as you know, washing clothes in colder water is better both for your garments, and your budget.

What is really important for men: we know you have problems telling one colour from another. If you’re not sure whether you can wash her emerald trousers with your lime T-shirt, our gel will give you a green light. Thanks to the dye transfer inhibitor you can wash all the colours together (unless the manufacturer’s label explicitly states otherwise).

Fabrics you can use it for: the gel is suitable for all types of fabric and colours, women’s and men’s clothing.

What the colour extravaganza smells like: we love playing with fragrances so we asked scent designers that work with us to create a composition that will reflect the great variety of colours. As soon as we smelled the vibrating apricot notes and the pulsating spices, we knew no other fragrance would be up for the task.

Fragrance architecture:

Head note: apricot, rose, aldehyde

Heart note: geranium, ylang-ylang, spices

Base note: coumarin, musk, patchouli