Carpet shampoo

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When was the last time your carpets benefited from a home SPA treatment? If you want them to keep their beautiful colour and texture as long as possible, regular vacuuming and washing is not enough. This is why we’ve created this unique shampoo which combines the efficiency of a washing liquid with cosmetics for grooming the finest hair. Thick, active foam penetrates the fibres deeply and precisely removes even old stains. It perfectly handles stains and distorted fibres. It restores freshness, softness and fluffiness. And moreover, it protects the fibres against new stains.

What you’ll love about it: it is delicate on colours. Even after several washes they will keep their natural hue, so you can use it even on richly decorated, colourful rugs without hesitation.

What makes it even safer: allergen-free fragrance oils compliant with IFRA standards (International Fragrance Association), which is especially important if you have small children or pets.

What you can use it for: carpets made of natural and synthetic fibres, floor rugs, wall rugs, bath mats, upholstery (including car upholstery).

What this lovely scent is: juicy citrus fruit, violet leaves, sensual vanilla and oakmoss.

Fragrance architecture:

head note: tangerine, bergamot, violet leaves

Heart note: jasmine, cedar

Base note: oakmoss, vanilla, vetive